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Ayurvedic Consultations with Brad Hay

Initial Intake   (1.5~2 hours)  $185  

 The Initial Intake Consultation consists of a comprehensive assessment of you and  your lifestyles and experiences up to and including now.  Brad will determine your unique constitution (Prakriti) and address your current imbalances and challenges (Viktiti).  The in person consultation is for 1.5~2 hours.   

This includes exploration of your:

~ current diet and food inclinations
~ sleep patterns
~ work life
~ relationships and sexual activity
~ exercise and activities
~ interests and recreations
~ desires and goals in life

 ...and anything else that can help us create an accurate and effective program for you.    For further diagnostics Brad will perform an Ayurvedic Physical assessment including tongue and pulse reading, blood pressure and abdominal exam.    

Report of Findings   (1hr)  $95

7-10 days later after closely studying your intake information you will meet with Brad for a 1hr session.  In this session you will be presented with your estimated doshic constitution (prakriti) and also your current imbalances (vikriti).  It is here that you will begin your personal program and creative ways in which you can begin to employ some of the positive and constructive life adjustments.     

These may include but are not limited to:

~ herbal formulas
~ healthy nutrition and eating practices
Ayurvedic and Yoga Psychology 
~ healthy lifestyles and routines   
~ exercise and recreations
~ daily Ayurvedic home purification practices
~ personal Yoga and Meditation therapy
~ breathing and energy practices (pranayama) 
~ color, sound and aroma therapies
~ purification treatments (pancha karma)
~ Ayurvedic spa treatments

Follow up Visits  (1hr)  $95

The most powerful and effective way to make positive adjustments to our lives is by receiving consistent support and  guidance.  Initially to gain momentum in a positive direction, one visit per week is highly encouraged so that all the information can be implicated into your life....this takes time, practice, support and guidance.  The transformation will be worth it! 

 In the follow up visits you will work together with Brad to assess your progress and what the next plan of action and treatment will be.  If some things are a challenge (and they will be) we will get creative to work with your schedule, preferences or whatever it is that's in the way of you thriving! 

The most successful people on the planet today have continual guidance and support in order to help them thrive and do what they do best. 

General Ayurvedic and Life & health Guidence Sessions (1 hour)  $150

In a one hour General Ayurvedic Lifestyles and Health Session you will gain valuable knowledge about yourself, Ayurveda and Yoga therapies. This will include your unique constitution (prakriti), that is your natural  behavioral tendencies and physical make up.   We then look at your current physiological, mental and spiritual state and imbalances (vikriti) in order to recommend the best possible treatments for you.   We will bring to light the lifestyles and choices in your life that are either leading you to health and harmony or in the other direction!    Brads methodology utilizes Ayurvedic Psychology and counseling along with Pulse and Tongue diagnosis and more to govern the best treatment for you. 

This is a great way to gain insight into what you could achieve with regular Ayurvedic follow up visits and guidance until you have a strong foundation and momentum in a positive direction.   

Private Yoga and Meditation Sessions/Mentoring(1 hour)   Starting at  $150                (added cost for travel and more people-see prices at top of page) 

Private Yoga and Meditation mentoring/practice sessions with Brad are an extraordinarily affective way to accelerate your personal growth and self knowledge.  The personal sessions will begin with a consultation/conversation to govern what the approach and focus of the sessions will be according to your wants, needs, constitution (prakriti) and current state and situation (vikriti).      

The general focus is on guiding you to be more self aware and skilled in your life whatever you do!  You will be given specific practices and mentoring that will best serve you in what ever stage of evolution you are at.

Brad has over 17 years of teaching experience as well as more than 4000 hours of professional schooling and training in Tantra Yoga and Ayurveda.   Most importantly he has used these practices and knowledge to completely transfigure his own life.   Brad draws from his broad personal life experience to to provide you with a fun, powerful and transformative experience.

Private sessions are conducted at Brads Maui Studio/Office or in the privacy of your own home or space.

Initial Intake consultation  (1.5 hours)............................................$185

Report of Findings & Follow up visits    (45mins)............................$95

General Ayurvedic Life and Health Guidance sessions (1 hour).....$150

Private Yoga & Meditation Sessions/Mentoring (1 hour 1 person)..$150
                                                                                                   2-4 People...$200
                                                                                                   5-8 People...$250
These are in studio prices, added cost for travel to your location.

To book an Ayurvedic consultation with Brad please call or email:
(808) 280-8169