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Yoga ~ Ayurveda ~ Tantra
 Maui ~ Hawaii
   Welcome to Prana Vidya with Brad Hay
"Prana" is the Cosmic, vital energy from the Sun that pervades all  living things, and Vidya translates as knowledge, philosophy & science.  Prana Vidya is the knowledge and science of energy that is masterfully presented in the Ancient Yogic Arts. 

Brad Hay is an accomplished Yogi and  Ayurvedic Practitioner  With over 17 years professional teaching experience, Brad integrates the practices, philosophies and wisdom of the ancient systems of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Tantra to help you attain and sustain health, balance, vitality and fulfillment.  Brads teachings are deeply steeped in the principles of Sankhya Philosophy and the Tantric Yoga Tradition of Sri Vidya.

 Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra are commonly called "sister sciences" and offer a vast array of practices, techniques, philosophies and natural therapies for us to utilize on the path to health, happiness and eventually self~realization. 

When combined, these powerful and practical systems focus on bringing our physical, mental and spiritual health into balance giving us the strength and clarity to thrive in whatever we do!
"Brad is an exceptional Yogi, one who is helping to brighten the light of Yoga in the world today.  A powerful being, he embodies the best of what Yoga has to offer--the benefits of years of deep practice, a broad and rich understanding of the ancient teachings and a wonderfully accessible and joyous presence."                                         
                                                                            Rod Stryker

                                                                                              Master Yoga and Meditation Teacher
                                                                                              Founder Parayoga USA